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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 2, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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presentable. i don't like stuff in the yard. >> he's been working on that on the side for seven to 10 years. a little at a time on days off. he's been working on it. he's done a-p4é real good job. >> i'd like to get it done. my wife could wo love to have it done. my children would love to have it done. i just need more time. >> the city said he has had mer than enough time, they are done asking for cooperation. they're now demand being it. the two sides will now meet in court hear on february 14th. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you. cold weather being blamed for contributing to five water east bay. first on mount dai -- diablo street. in berkeley cruise responded to two locations today. the fourth was in oakland. crews worked to take the break in hayward. that is where ab 7 news is
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live. and public work crews have been busy today oo. absolutely. you know they worked to make sure they had that lane of traffic they needed to block reopened in time for rush hour. the evening rush hour, now. you know, 300 people had their service interrept rupted this morn whgt water main break happened. we understand now that there this is because of an aging infrom a structure and a drop in temperatures. >> pipes break. they're old, they break. >> just one set of five to
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back on line. >> normal time, eight to 10 hours. >> first give away in concord this, break in mount diablo only affected a few homes. around 4:30 this morning reports made its way to city hall. by 5:00 a.m. crews identified the problem, digging up a section of santa clara street to fix the busjv:+p pipes. this section of pipe made in 1958 became a casualty of age and weather. >> rains we've had in two storms played a role. the fact that we've had cold spells recently contributed to the problem. as well. >> adding to urgency of crews to get the job finished as quickly as possible.
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>> there is a report of a water main break in oakland hills off highway 13th. shining a spotlight on the weather, aging infrom a structure and pipe that's need repair all play a role. nick smith, abc 7 news. >> temperatures got cold last night as you know. just take a look at the frost we found on cars and grass. abc 7 news is live on the roof of our building where it's already getting chilly with a look at how low it's going to go. >> try subfreezing temperatures. skies clear looking down embarcadero. looking at live doppler 7 hd, you'll see that it's a cloudless evening. radar not tracking rain we're headed into another cold night. here is how cold they got this morning. 26 degrees at airport. napa county airport down to 28. freezing cold in fairfield.
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27 degrees, heading towards south bay, 31 redwood city. san jess yeah, morgan hill, santa cruz down to 31 degrees so no doubt about it it was frigid. we're going into another night of frosty cold conditions. when you may need umbrellas. >> thank you very much. good news from the sierra about the first snow pack survey of the year. it's encouraging putting the state at half of its average for april when the snow pack is at its peak. the main reservoirs at about 70% of capacity. things are looking good for summer water supply, officials warn a dry january could worsen the water outlook. >> city of east palo alto expected to ask the state to help pay after the creek flooded during recent storms, causing millions in damage.
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the city council is set set to vote tomorrow night. after flooding caused nearly $3 million in damage. >> the immediate set controls stableation and the mayor mentioned we signed a proclamation fr a local emergency. >> an estimated 40% to 50% of the residents live within the flood plains. >> congress has officially sent the fwoil avert the fis skal live to the white house. president needs to sign it before midnight but he's in hawaii. the white house will use a presidential auto pen to sign extend unemployment benefits for 400,000 californians. legislatures will keep an eye on congress to make sure it
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doesn't cut school or medical funding. >> so that promise of a commitment for expansion of medi yaid in california is very important.c (->> the pleass should look at what california did in 2009 to reign in a $42 kbrinl deficit at that time through difficult spending cuts the state looking at a near balanced budget in 2013. >> surveillance video is now out of a robber in san francisco killing his family's the security camera shows a man running away after killing a woman's 12-year-old dog named roxy. she says it happened when she parked in the tender loin, he robbed her, then threatened to kill the dog, barking in the car. the man accused of throwing roxy into traffic. the owner spoke to us but didn't want to be identified fearing for her safety.
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>> he looked at me with a blank look on his face and said i'm going to kill your dog. >> any person who owns an animal, you can tell there is a tight bond. and for not only animal to be laid to rest, fwou see the death of your own animal is traumatic. >> police say roxy had to be put t>ñ, sleep because of the injuries. >> new information about a man accused of murdering a south bay businessman. he was killed in his home, one man accuses was in court, it turned out documents reveal he had quite a sordid criminal past. >> right. javier garcia does have a prior drug conviction but these charges are potentially a death penalty case, he's being held without bail.
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the 21-year-old is one of three men accused of up to six felony counts involving a murder of a wealthy businessman. police and prosecutors still not revealing how far he was killed on november 30th. >> as far as more specifics related to that, again, i can't share it. >> the'gk? criminal complaint against garcia and two others alleges a try. o threatenedqqw o iz kil his wher a deadly weapon other than a firearm. a metal object. three men are accused of false imprisonment, taking personal property, cash, collectable coins and jewelry from the sprawling estate. three people who identified themselves today as garcia's siblings told me their brother does not know other people accused of the same crimes. >> he doesn't know any of them. but, including raven? >> he doesn't know raven.
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>> raven dixon is the fourth person arrested in connection with this case. police say she's a prostitute with a relationship with kumra. dixon is facing charges of being an accessory to murder after the fact. tens of thousands of pages of documents on file at the court house paint a disturbing picture of her personal and business live. onee3
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people there. >> prosecutors hoping to try at least three murder suspects together, on friday, garcia will be back to court with one of the co-defendants. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. san francisco police have identified a man arrested after a chase and a car crash killed two people in the mission district yesterday. the 19-year-old is seen in this cell phone video being taken into custody. moments before, he crashed into a white toyota, killing a passenger and a man walking on the sidewalk. police say he is trying to escape after being stopped for questioning. >> we've had prior contacts with mr. morals, he's a documented gang member. when arresting him, we found a gun in his possession in the vehicle. >> no one was hurt in this shoot being but he is being charged with three kuchbts tempted murder in that case. as well as two counts of
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murder in the crash. >> we want to bring you latest now on breaking news we've reported on abc 7 news at 4:00. dramatic images of a crash landing in north las vegas airport. authorities say two people on board this plane got out safely before it went up in flames like this. you can see crews using$w purple flame retardant. an investigation is just beginning to find out what happened. >> still to come, floating company that plans to anchor right here in the bay area as a way of to bring more talent from overseas. >> and star buck was a way to keep cups out of landfill buzz it will cost you. >> and clearing up confusion surrounding the
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scary moments in los angeles. a crane tumbled down a hill sirkd crushing one car in brentwood. nobody was hurt. take a look. here you can see how far the crane fell from the top of the hillside to the street. there is no word on why the crane rolled down the hill. crews will have to bring in6)+mz additional heavy equipment to remove the damaged crane. >>flhf moment scary moments for two families this morning. a driver crashed into twoø7 homes. the car hit the side of one home, knocked down a fence, and crashed into the bathroom of a second home. the homeowner says his son was about to use the bathroom. he saw the car barreling out of control. he got out of the way. nobody was)7 injured. >> a warning for walkers to be careful charlie quaid drowned
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yesterday after being swept out to sea. he and his wife got swallowed up. the resident got his wife out of the water but went back in to save his dog and that is when he drowned. a man and son drowned last friday after getting hit by a large wave. >> the ceo who led the safeway supermarket chain two decade as nounsd he will retire. he will step down at the annual stock holders meeting. bird joined safeway in october, 1992 as president and helped establish the company as an industry leader in health and wellness and has been credited with raising more than $2 billion for charity. $200 million for cancer research. he said he's leaving in part to pursue work in health care. >> help want dwogd up for california patrol, hiring new officers. chp accepting online applications starting tomorrow. if you want to join, you must
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apply by saturday online. officers earn mer than $67,000 a year after graduating. this marks first time in three years chp is hiring. >> a company is on a mission to help international entrepreneurs work near silicon valley without needing a u.s. work seriesa. executives want to build off shore living and working complexes for international workers. one calls for a complex in the pacific off half moon bai. start up has been around since 2011 founders say you need about $35 million to finance a planned community them. might use cruise ships for housing. >> virgin america faces a fine. the $55,000 fine comes from a flight bound for san francisco in july. authorities say they failed inform passengers they can
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leave the jet. $150,000 after passengers spent more than five hours aboard a jet at new york's kennedy airport. >> starbucks believes customers might go green offering them a little green for buying reusable cups planning to sell reqlusable tumblers for a dollar at stores. customers will get a 10 cent discount every time reusing cups. and starbucks offered to clean them every time customers come in to buy new coffee. >> they'll clean cups? >> yes. >> many complain they get brad reviews on yelp. today there is a court ruling on whether they can censor review autos this is wide ranging and affects a lot.
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comments are protected by free speech. the supreme court ruled merchants have no right to automatically censor the bad review on yelp. they have to first prove reviews are false. in virginia cases the contractor claimed a customer accused him of theft. the judge ordered customer to take statements off yelp but today, the high court said that violates freedom of speech. and there has been much confusion over vintage license plates being offered by the department of motor vehicles. you can see many have no idea what they're talk bchlgt you can order these legacy plates dprept of motor vehicles that replicate similar plates the state had back in 50s, 60s and 70s.
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dmv said owners might want retro plates to go with them. anyone with a car from any model year can yord a legacy plate too,. you can put on on a 2013 prius just as well as 1950 ford. just be ready to pay a $50 fee and annual fees. u.s. air lines expected to sock us with more fare hikes and fees, however, saying we'll probably pay less for gasoline, predicting fares will be raised a dozen times and will invent more fees. last year, they raised fees seven times. expect more fees this year on that note, it could be cheaper to drive, gas prices expected to drop due to a bigger oil
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story and plower demand. >> there are a couple new fees? they're going to have to get creative. >> yes. >> they're good at it. >> it's been a chilly day just like sunshine out there. >> clear, and cold. hi, sandhya. >>rbby all i need now is a heat lampe just to keep me warm. i've got layers on that. is what you'll need we're going see another night of freezing cold conditions. right new i'm going show you a live picture. from our mount tamalpais camera. we're panning around, looking towards san francisco. it's hazy out there. and tomorrow, air district is advising you not to burn wood. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. you'll see how clear it s clouds are well off the coastline. with clear skies we're going
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into a cold night. bundle up. try to stay warm. it's 54 degrees in san francisco but feels colder here. 57 in fair neeld now. highs into low 50s to low 60s but that winter chill is in the air. clear, cold again, tonight, milder next few days and looking at a slight chance of morning watching out for frosty cold conditions, 28 livermoret;5k. it's going to be 29 in concord, check out san jose. oakland, 38. so dress in layer whuz head out of the door tomorrow if you're working and as you look tz here, high pressure is remaining strong
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to our east providing us with dry weather and gitsing to win out. this next front is coming. it starts to fall apart. bumping into that ridge of high pressure. mostly sunny day. so highs for thursday, 58 degrees in san jose. cupertino and south bay. 57 santa clara. beautiful day. you're looking at near normal temperatures. half moon bay, 58 degrees. downtown, 56. into the north bay, 57 in santa rosa. 56 nef vatto vallejo, 54 communities ee. bay communities, narrow range of highs. plenty of sunshine in inland east bay. 55 pleasanton, starting out cold. around the baypzmañ, 60s in sana
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cruz. 61 watsonville. after frosty cold morning mostly sunny day. milder friday for afternoon readings and overnight lows running milder starting on friday. partly cloudy skies saturday. slight possibility that live doppler 7 hd may be tracking showers on sunday. best chance looks like it's going to be along the coast. k50e7 keeping it dry monday and wednesday of next week. january 2013 so far going in dry as you look at the accu-weather forecast clear tonight. bundle up.qc i'm abc 7 news sandhya patel. >> thank you. >> coming up, r & b singer bobby womack reveem -- reveals
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how he realized he had alzheimer's disease. >> new at 6:00 little known causes for wrinkles and
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bobby womack revealing he has alzheimer's disease telling the bbc the diagnosis after he had difficulty remembering twordz his very famous songs. the 68-year-old is known for hits such as if you think you're lonely now that, is the way i feel about you. and woman's got to have it. >> singer patty page has died. she had hits such as how much is that doggy in the window. she created a sound for the industry in 1947 overdubbing her own voice when she didn't have enough money to hire back up singers. she was weeks from being
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honored at grammy awards a lifetime achievement awards from record academy. she was 85
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coming up at 6:00 no playing around in zynga. why the game maker is having a tough time scoring with gamers these days and governor brown's new plan to help improve california schools has critics saying hold on just a moment. from michael finney demand being made by homeowner was solar panels. what they're planning to do if they don't get what they want. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> stanford cardinals due to land tonight. >> here is a live look now. buses waiting to take coaches and players back to the campus. >> yes. cardinal comes back after beating wisconsin yesterday. the win marks7kcdr stanford's ft rose bowl win in 40 years.
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>> congratulations that is cool. >> it s thanks for joining us. world news is next. this is "world news." tonight, back from the brink. the stock market soars as washington's tax deal becomes real. and a tough guy sounds off for everyone sick of gridlock in congress. >> 66 days and counting. shame on you. shame on congress. break news. hillary clinton discharged from the hospital. and we have the latest on her health tonight. flare-up. espn's hannah storm burned by an exploding outdoor grill. see the danger to you, of cooler weather and a propane fire ball. and more exercise in 2013? see what a 101-year-old woman can do at the gym, and learn the secret of sticking to your resolution.


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